Human Rights and Democracy Activists

According to reports, prison guards have started a new round of attacks against defenseless prisoners in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj.
On Sunday, March 7, at about 8 am, more than 40 prison guards attacked prisoners in section 1 in this prison. They were transferred to the prison yard while being beaten and insulted. They were kept in the cold air for several hours and were not allowed to wear their warm clothes. These prisoners were also banned from using the bathroom in this time.
Prison guards subsequently attacked their cells and violently conducted a search in which they seized or broke the prisoner's personal belongings which were provided by their families or with their own money from the prison store. Some of the items confiscated by prison guards were phone cards, food stuff, and family pictures. This attack which started at 8 am, ended at 12 pm and was carried out under the orders of the head of this section, Hossein Akharian and the commander of the guards, Sami'ie Nejad.
The pressures on prisoners in section 1 have increased and prisoner's visits with their families have been suspended. Prisoners Ahmad Qa'emi and Kiomars Shokri, who protested these suppressive measures in prison were violently attacked and beaten by Hossein Akharian, Mirzayi, Aqayi and head officers in this prison.


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