Freedommessenger Blocked by Facebook/HRA is hacked by Regime

Tell us the difference between the two circumstance!

The only difference is that Facebook is in Europe and in a supposedly Democratic Social net, and HR activists site is based in Iran and is under the pressure of a repugnant religious fascism at tis weakest point.
So I would assess that FB is confronting more controversy and pragmatism if it really has blocked Freedommessenger with a poltical point of view and gesture!

Link to FreedomMessenger

HRA the main news site which has been covering HR news from inside Iran tolerating much pressure, has been hacked by GERDAB, the site beloning to the RGC. the site leads surfers to Gerdab site.

Strong recomendation for all those in Iran who have been surfing on HRA: Change IPs and renew IPs or change positions.


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