Head of Ardabil prison behind abuse of Azeri political prisoners

Human Rights Activists in Iran
Vadoud Sa'adati, Behrouz Alizadeh, Ali Abassi and Rahim Gholami, political Azeri prisoners in Ardabil Prison were beaten and injured by prison thugs on Saturday March 6 on orders of the head of the this prison.
According to sources close to these political prisoners, Enzayi, the head of the Ardabil Prison has transferred a number of death row thugs to section 7 of this prison, where political prisoners are kept, and has tasked them with harassing and abusing political prisoners. According to this source, these thugs prevented prisoners in section 7 from watching a live football (soccer) game which was being shown in this section and subsequently attacked Sa'adati, Alizadeh, Abassi and Gholami with knives, injuring them. There are reports that Vadoud Sa'adati was severely injured in the face and his nose was broken.


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