In honor of Brave students "Thier resolve will never die"

The students, have always been the pivotal threat to fundamentalists and extremists every where, in particular in Iran.
The scenes you see, is an UNJUST, and unbalanced attack of thugs under the control of the Bassije, the special brigades and security forces with hired criminals who carried sickles and knives and chains beating the unarmed students. This was an organized attack despite the report released by official TV. The organization behind this attack has been the "Ansar Al Hezbollah" Imam Ali Brigade, the MOIS Intelligence and the Bassije which has for some time been organized under the control of the RGC.
This has been a new organisation that tends to uprisings in case of threat for toppling.
The Universities have always been the source of Intellectual dissident voices and many older political groups, famous to have been active at the time of the Shah also had evolved from the Universities.
The Sharif University has been one of the main spotlights of activities since 50 years.
As proved in the recent uprisings and also the past 3 decades in this country, no organised suppression can withstand an organised uprising.

The clip is not new, only a reminder from the February attack


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