Farzad Kamanagar was a popular teacher and one of the 5 political prisoners executed by Iranian regime some days ago.

Quotes by Mehrdad Kamangar from the interview:

“They have set the fire, and now they should accept the consequences.

“The intelligence system and the judicial system should be responsible for this.”

“We received the news [of execution] from a few news websites. Our friends called us from Tehran and abroad to let us know they had also read it.”

“The last time Farzad called us was at 4:00pm. He talked with our mother. There was no more contact after that. The phone conversation was normal and there was no talk about execution.”

“Nobody responds to us. I was in contact with the person in charge with his case in Tehran. He is not responding to my phone calls anymore. The follow-up office in the Ministry of Intelligence is not answering my phone calls either.”

“Farzad’s lawyer went to the Prosecutor’s Office, but his phone is cut off so we don’t know what has happened.”

“The person in charge of Farzad’s case promised us that Farzad would be freed since he is innocent. They are responsible for what has happened to Farzad. The Supreme Leader is responsible. The one who sits above all is responsible.”

“Mortazavi from the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office, who lost the Farzad’s case file for 18 months, has ackowledged his innocence.”

“We went to the Prosecutor’s office, Farzad’s lawyer went

there every day. We talked with MPs…

“As the closest person to Farzad I should say that he had no contact with PKK and was only involved in civil activities as a teacher.”

“We haven’t stated anything officially, everybody from the family has gathered here. Everyone is trying to do something for him. We are going to go to Tehran.”

“I declare on behalf of Farzad’s family: The Supreme Leader should be responsible for this. He should be responsible.”

Translation: Arash Azizi | Persian2English.com


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