Yesterday : Group of six prisoners were hanged in Karaj

A group of six prisoners were hanged in Qezel Hesar of Karaj, west of Tehran, on Saturday, May 8. They were identified by the state-run news agency IRNA as Arsalan Asadi, Mohammad Ali Fakhri, Abbas Geravand, Rahman Biabani, Parviz Taqi Zadeh and Saeed Mikaili. They were alleged to have been involved in drug trafficking.

The number executions announced by the media in Iran in the past 30 days reaches 35.

The rising number of executions, widespread arrest of young people under the pretext of ‘Social Security Plan’, increasing suppression of women for improper veiling and other suppressive measures on the brink of the anniversary of the uprising of Iranian people in June are aimed to intensify the atmosphere of intimidation and terror in the country to prevent spread of social upheavals.


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