Iran jails Getty photographer for three years: website


Iran has sentenced a freelance photographer for Getty Images photo agency to three years in prison for taking pictures of 2009 election protests, an OPPOSITION website reported on Sunday.
‘Majid Saeedi was sentenced to three years in prison,', the website of OPPOSITION leader Mir Hossein Mousavi, reported without providing any more details.
Saeedi, an Iranian, was arrested in July 2009 along with another local photographer for sending pictures of protests against President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad's disputed re-election to foreign media.
He was released on bail after over a month in detention.
Saeedi has been taking pictures for two decades and has also worked as a photo editor for Iran's hardline Fars news agency and several local newspapers.
Iranian authorities banned reporters working for foreign media from covering OPPOSITION demonstrations on June 16 last year a day after a massive protest march around Tehran's Azadi (freedom) square

وبسايت: ايران عكاس گتي(اينترنتي) را به مدت 3 سال زنداني ميكند
يك وبسايت اپوزيسيون روز يكشنبه گزارش كرد كه ايران يك عكاس آزادِ آژانس عكاسي گتي ايميج (Getty Images) را به خاطر عكس برداري از اعتراضهاي انتخابات 2009 به 3 سال زندان محكوم كرده است.
وبسايت كلمه, متعلق به رهبر اپوزيسيون مير حسين موسوي, بدون ارائه جزئيات گزارش كرد, ”مجيد سعيدي به 3 سال زندان محكوم شد.“
سعيدي, كه يك ايراني است, در ژوئيه 2009 همراه با ساير عكاسان محلي به خاطر ارسال عكسهاي اعتراضها عليه انتخاب مجدد مناقشه برانگيز رئيس جمهور محمود احمدينژاد براي رسانههاي خارجي دستگير شد.
او پس از يك ماه در بازداشت به قيد وثيقه آزاد شد.
سعيدي به مدت 2 دهه عكس برداري كرده و به عنوان ويراستار عكس براي خبرگزاري تندروي فارس و چندين روزنامه محلي نيز كار كرده است... (خبرگزاري فرانسه - 30/3/89)


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