Please be careful, the clip is graphic

The Ashura protests showed a more radicalized, programmed and guided style of protest than any other ones before it. At the same time the State controlled Bassidj and suppressive garrisons were also on maximum alert and organisation being directly lead by the Supreme Leader himself.

There were how ever analysis sourced by Iranian state run sites and also elements working in social media on the internet that suggested unprecedented violence by the people to the suppressive agents hence leading to provocation of blood shed.
(They meant to conclude that protesters should not defend themselves against bullets and knives and cycles)
We like to deduct that having seen this clip and many others of the same protest, it is evident that the organised propaganda to depict the uprising as a provocation of violence (instead of self defence when is necessary ) is not a realistic one; in this clip people were shot and killed first by plain cloth agents ant the crowed only disarmed the aggressive agents amidst all excitement .


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