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Cyrus Benegazi, a member of the Office for Consolidating Unity in Bushehr was banned from continuing his education to get his master’s degree.
Cyrus Benegazi who had participated in the political science exam to continue his education for a master’s degree went to the Evaluation Organization after being told that there was a defect in his file. The Evaluation Organization then announced that he was not able to continue his education because his political qualifications had not been confirmed

جلوگيري از ادامه تحصيل فعال دانشجويي در مقطع کارشناسي ارشد
کلمه: سيروس بنه گزي عضو شعبه بوشهر سازمان ادوار تحکيم وحدت، از ادامه ي تحصيل در مقطع کارشناسي ارشد محروم شد.
به گزارش ادوار نيوز، سيروس بنه گزي که با شرکت در مرحله کارشناسي ارشد رشته علوم سياسي قصد ادامه تحصيل داشت با اعلام نقص پرونده از سوي مسئولين آموزش عالي به دفتر پيگيري سازمان سنجش مراجعه که به وي اعلام مي شود بدليل عدم تاييد صلاحيت سياسي قادر به ادامه تحصيل نيست. (ادوار نيوز – 27/3/89)


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