Iran hangs person in Shirvan

Fars state-run News Agency

According to the Fars News Agency from Bojnourd and as stated by the Public Relations of the North Khorasan Judiciary, the Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Shirvan announced that the death sentence for a narcotics trafficker was carried out in this town.
“This person was arrested and sentenced to death on charges of possessing and carrying 989 grams of crystal”, Reza Rashid said.
“The sentence was carried out after it was confirmed by the Attorney General and after his request for amnesty was refused by the Judiciary’s Amnesty Commission”, he stipulated

اعدام يك نفر در شيروان

به گزارش خبرگزاري فارس از بجنورد به نقل از روابط عمومي دادگستري كل خراسان شمالي، دادستان عمومي و انقلاب شيروان از اجراي حكم اعدام يك قاچاقچي مواد‌مخدر در اين شهرستان خبر داد.
رضا رشيد اظهار داشت: اين فرد به اتهام حمل و نگهداري 989 گرم كريستال دستگير و به اعدام محكوم شده بود.
وي تصريح كرد: حكم صادره براي نامبرده پس از تاييد دادستان كل كشور و رد درخواست عفو وي در كميسيون عفو و بخشودگي قوه قضائيه، به اجرا درآمد. (خبر گزاري فارس - 27/4/89)


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