IRAN weekly report : Basic freedom and rights abused

Higher Education Minister threatens crack down on liberal universities
“If there is a university in which people of religion and the Bassij culture are ridiculed, if there is a university in which the sound of the noon prayer call is not heard (from loudspeakers) under the excuse that classes would be disturbed, if there is a university in which clerics cannot enter, if this university exists, the people of Iran, students, and university employees will tear that university down”, the Minister of Science (Minister of Higher Education) said on Sunday in the opening ceremony of the Architectural Plans of the Science and Industry University in Tehran. (Daneshju News – Aug. 29, 2010)

Suppression of religious and ethnic minorities

Iran brutally suppresses Iranian Sunnis in Saqez
According to reports, Special Guards Forces, Security Forces and plainclothes agents attacked Sunni residents of Saqez and followers of Alameh Mofti Zadeh (Quran Academy) and arrested at least 10 Sunnis.
On Thursday and Friday night, August 19 and 20, Special Guards, Intelligence, and Security Forces, and plainclothes agents attacked a Sunni Ramadan ceremony which was being held in the homes of the followers of Ahmad Moftizadeh (Quran Academy). They were attacked and punched and kicked and beaten with clubs and six people were arrested and taken to unknown locations.
Also at 2 pm on Thursday, August 19, security and intelligence agents entered the homes of these people without a legal warrant and confiscated personal belongings of the detainees including their CDs, books, booklets, pictures, construction documents, national cards, medical services booklets, id cards and car ownership documents among other things.
On August 21 intelligence and security agents once again stormed the homes of the detainees and arrested another 4 people taking them to unknown locations.
For the third time from 5 to 11 pm, at least 1000 Special Guards Forces, plainclothes agents, traffic police and even female riot police surrounded the homes of these people and terrorized the women and children and other defenseless persons. They stormed the residential buildings and broke the windows and doors.
On August 26, from 5 to 8:30 pm, security forces once again surrounded the area where these people were holding their religious ceremony and prevented the ceremony. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Sep. 1, 2010)

Suppressive maneuvers

Iran's Karroubi Attacked, Son Says
Iranian OPPOSITION leader Mehdi Karroubi was attacked on Thursday night when a group of militiamen broke into his residential building and fired on his bodyguards, according to a family member.
Militia in plainclothes armed with guns and knives shattered windows, broke the front door and set the parking lot on fire by throwing tear gas and a hand grenade over the wall, Mr. Karroubi's son, Mohamad Taghi Karroubi, said by telephone Thursday night. The militia stormed the hallway, shooting in the air as they ran upstairs to Mr. Karroubi's front door, where they engaged in a 90-minute battle with his bodyguards, the younger Mr. Karroubi said.
Mr. Karroubi and his family were holed up in a safe room, away from the windows and gunfire, his son said, but 11 people were injured in the violence, including Mr. Karroubi's head of security, who was taken to the hospital and remains in critical condition. The shooting attack couldn't be independently confirmed…
The attack was carried out by Basij militia under the command of the Revolutionary Guard Corps, according to Mr. Karroubi's family.
The militia had surrounded Mr. Karroubi's residence for five nights. Videos posted on OPPOSITION websites show the militia breaking windows and splashing paint on his house, while chanting their loyalty to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and saying they are under his command…
Tehran's chief of security forces, Hossein Sajad, told Iranian state media that security forces were put on alert on Thursday because of the 'sensitivity of Quds Day and to identify and arrest troublemakers’.
Internet connections were slow in major Iranian cities and the gmail email service wasn't functioning, according to reports on OPPOSITION websites.
Analysts said the government's security measures and the attacks on Mr. Karroubi showed that the Islamic regime is still intimidated by the OPPOSITION and fears mass unrest. (WSJ – Sep. 3, 2010)

وزير علوم: دانشگاه مخالف با فرهنگ بسيجي را با خاک يکسان مي کنيم
وزير علوم امروز يکشنبه در مراسم افتتاح طرحهاي عمراني دانشگاه علم و صنعت، گفت: "اگر دانشگاهي وجود داشته باشد که در آن متدينين، فرهنگ انتظار و فرهنگ بسيج مورد تمسخر قرار گيرد، اگر دانشگاهي وجود داشته باشد که صداي اذان ظهر در آن بلند نشود به بهانه اينکه به کلاسهاي درس آسيبي نرساند، اگر دانشگاهي وجود داشته باشد که روحاني نتواند در آن وارد شود و ... اگر اين دانشگاه وجود داشته باشد مردم ايران، دانشجويان، اساتيد و کارکنان دانشگاه آن را با خاک يکسان مي‌کنند." (دانشجونيوز – 7/
نقض حقوق اقليتهاي مذهبي و قومي

گزارشي از يورش به منازل اهل سنت در شهرستان سقز
آنچه در پي مي آيد گزارشي مختصراز حمله نيروهاي گارد ويژه، اطلاعاتي، انتظامي و لباس شخصي به مردم سني شهرستان سقز و پيروان علامه مفتي زاده (مکتب قران) است که تا کنون دست کم 10 تن از شهروندان سني مذهب توسط اين نهادها بازداشت شدند.
بنا به اطلاع گزارشگران هرانا، روز پنج شنبه و جمعه شب مورخ 28 و 29 مرداد ماه نيروهاي گارد ويژه،اطلاعاتي،انتظامي و لباس شخصي با مردمي که براي شرکت در مراسم مذهبي رمضان ويژه مناطق سني نشين، که در منازل شخصي پيروان احمد مفتي زاده (مکتب قران)، در حال برگزاري بود؛ با ضربات باتوم و مشت و لگد حمله ور شده و شش نفر را دستگير و به محل هاي نامعلومي منقل کردند.
همچنين در ساعت 14 روز پنج شنبه مورخ 28 مرداد ماه نيروهاي اطلاعاتي بدون مجوزقانوني وارد حريم خصوصي ومنازل شخصي افراد شده و وسايل خصوصي وشخصي ازجمله: سي دي ،کتاب ،جزوه، عکس، سندساختماني، کارت ملي،دفترچه خدمات درماني ،شناسنامه وسند ماشين و ...بازداشت شدگان را با خود بردند.
سپس در سي ام مرداد ماه نيروهاي اطلاعاتي و امنيتي مجددا به منازل بازداشت شدگان يورش برده و چهار تن ديگر را بازداشت و به مکان نامعلومي منتقل کردند.
در ادامه يورش ها و براي سومين بار از ساعت17 تا 23 ، دستکم هزار تن از نيروهاي گارد ويژه، لباس شخصي، راهنماي و رانندگي وحتي پليس ضد شورش زنان، منازل مسکوني مردم را محاصره کرده، و با ايجاد رعب وحشت براي زنان و کودکان و افراد بي دفاع، بطرف ساختمانهاي مسکوني، حمله ور شده وشروع به شکستن شيشه ها ودرب ورودي منازل کردند.
در چهارم شهريور ماه از ساعت 17 تا 20:30 براي چندمين بار محل برگزاري مراسم مذهبي محاصره شده و از اجراي آن جلوگيري شد. (هرانا – 10/6/89)

مانورهاي سركوبگرانه
كروبى در ايران مورد حمله قرارگرفت
مهدى كروبى رهبر اپوزيسيون ايران روز پنجشنبه شب مورد حمله قرار گرفت…
در راهپيمايى سال گذشته روز قدس وقتى حاميان جنبش سبز شعار نه غزه نه لبنان جانم فداى ايران سر دادند دولتى كه چند دهه حامى حزب‌الله لبنان و حماس بود سراسيمه و دستپاچه گرديد. …
تحليلگران گفته‌اند تدابير امنيتى حكومتى و حملات به آقاى كروبى حاكى از اين است كه رژيم اسلامى كماكان توسط همين اپوزيسيون تهديد احساس مى‌كند و از قيام عمومى نگران است. (وال استريت ژورنال -12/6/89)


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