HRDAI | August 31, 2010
Translation by Hamid Yazdanpanah for P2E

According to reports by Human Rights and Democracy in Iran, political prisoner Ali Saremi, who is detained in Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj, was summoned, interrogated, and threatened for a prolonged period of time by an individual named Faraji, a member of the Iranian Intelligence service.

On August 29th at approximately 10:00am, Ali Saremi, who is sentenced to death, was moved to the interrogation center of Rajai Shahr prison. He was interrogated for disclosing intolerable prison conditions [to the public] and protesting against the lack of due process in regards to his death sentence.

Mr. Faraji, the Deputy Intelligence officer of the prison, interrogated and threatened Ali Saremi for several hours. He reportedly told Ali Saremi, “You claim that your calls for an appeal have gone unanswered and you have made insults against the authorities.” Faraji appeared to be under the command of another person sitting in a room next door. According to reports, the other person is a member of the Ministry of Intelligence from ward 209 in Evin prison and he goes by the alias “Alavi.”

Reports indicate that it appears interrogators from the Ministry of Intelligence are planning a new case against Ali Saremi. The recent actions against Ali Saremi are typical of Intelligence interrogators when dealing with political prisoners. They do this to create additional charges and unlawful judgments against prisoners. This illegal and inhuman practice has been used against numerous political prisoners including Mansour Radpour who was sentenced to five years in prison and Mansour Osanloo who was sentenced to one year in prison.

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran condemn the creation of illegal cases by Intelligence officers who then send the information to the Revolutionary Court which then issues illegal and unjust sentences. HRDAI calls on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and and other international bodies to act against the oppression and persecution of political prisoners in Iran.

Human Rights and Democracy in Iran

August 31, 2010

The above report was sent to the following organizations:

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Human Rights Commission, Europe Union

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