Le Monde: Imprisonment and suppression of dissidents continues in

The French daily Le Monde ran a report on October 7 about the Iranian regime’s ‎continued crackdown on dissidents, with many protestors arrested during the year-long ‎anti-regime protests sentenced to heavy prison terms.‎

Students and lawyers such as Nasrin Sotoudeh, who recently launched a hunger strike, ‎are the main targets of the suppression campaign, according to the daily.‎
Le Monde also noted a number of political prisoners sentenced to death by the clerical ‎regime have been prosecuted for being in touch with a poltical group much suppressed during the 19802 (120 000 killed) (Mujahedin organisation of Iran ).
One of the political prisoners on death row is Farah Vazehan, according to Le Monde, ‎whose supporters are trying to launch a campaign for the release of the 48 year old mother ‎who was arrested in December 2009 in Tehran.‎

According to Le Monde, Ms. Vazehan is currently being held at the notorious Evin Prison ‎and was sentenced to death in August.