Iran refuses to improve access to jailed US hikers

Iran on Tuesday implicitly rejected a US request to grant better access to two American hikers who have been held for more than 21 months in the Islamic republic on espionage charges.
‘We have already facilitated with their case. Their mothers have come and visited them. And Swiss ambassador (Livia Leu Agosti) has had regular access to them,' foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told reporters.
The remarks came a day after the US State Department urged Iran to allow Swiss diplomats, who represent US interests in Tehran, to permit 'immediate consular access' to Shane Bauer and .
Such a visit would be the first since October 2010, according to State Department spokesman Mark Toner.
But Mehmanparast said any request that would 'pressure our judiciary' on the issue was 'rejected.’
Bauer and Fattal, both 28, were arrested along with Sarah Shourd, 32, on the unmarked border between Iran and Iraq on July 31, 2009. They have pleaded not guilty to spying charges…
Bauer and Fattal were allowed to call home Sunday for just the third time since their arrest, telling their families they had staged a 17-day hunger strike earlier this year after being prevented from receiving letters…
Their trial has been hit by a number of delays since November 2010. Their second hearing session scheduled for May 11 was cancelled after the two were not brought to court, according to their lawyer Masoud Shafii.
Shafii has only met Bauer and Fattal twice, last on February 6 when they appeared in court for their first hearing.
Swiss embassy officials in Tehran also insist they have been unable to meet the detained hikers since October. They were also banned from attending the February court hearing.
Switzerland represents US interests in Tehran in the absence of diplomatic relations which were frozen in 1980 in the aftermath of the Islamic revolution.

ايران از ارتقاء دسترسي به کوهنوردان زنداني خودداري کرد

روز سه‌شنبه ايران تلويحاً درخواست آمريکا براي دسترسي بهتر به دو کوهنورد آمريکايي که بيش از 21ماه به اتهام جاسوسي در جمهوري اسلامي‌زنداني هستند را رد کرد...

مهمانپرست گفت، هر درخواستي که در مورد اين موضوع ”روي قوه قضاييه ما فشار بياورد ”، ”رد مي‌شود“...

مهمانپرست گفت، به‌رغم همه اقداماتي که تهران براي کمک به کيس آنها اتخاذ نموده است، واشنگتن چنين رفتاري را براي ايرانيان زنداني در آمريکا قائل نشده است... (خبرگزاري فرانسه- 3/3/1390)


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