Aliyeh Eghdamdoost was held in solitary confinement for one week after she read out a brief history of International Women’s Day in Evin. A new legal case has been opened against her.

RAHANA – A small group of prisoners at Evin’s women’s ward held a ceremony on March 8. During the ceremony, Aliyeh Eghdamdoost read out a brief of International Women’s day
According to Change for Equality, following the ceremony, Eghdamdoost was summoned by the head of the Prosecutor’s office (magistrate court) located inside Evin Prison. She was indicted for ‘reading out an article”, “giving a speech for women on the occasion of March 8”, “inciting feminist activities”, “false propaganda against the regime”, “insulting the Leader and the president” and “promoting socialism”. She was taken to solitary confinement at ward 209 where she was interrogated over the aforementioned charges. According to Eghdamdoost, her interrogations continued after her release from solitary.
Eghdamdoost subsequently appeared before judge Abdi at the branch 2 of the Revolutionary Court in Evin Prison where she was questioned about her reasons for reading out the March 8 history. She was then arraigned on one count of promoting socialism and 2 counts of insulting the Leader and the president. Eghdamdoost rejected the charges and pleaded not guilty. During the entire period she was denied access to lawyer and was not allowed to call her family or her lawyer Ms. Ghanavi.
Aliyeh Eghdamdoost was arrested in January of 2008 to serve a 3 year jail term given to her for taking part in a gathering against discriminatory laws held on June 12, 2006 at 7 Tir Square.


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