Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

Maryam Zia, a children's rights activist was transferred to the infirmary in Evin Prison on her 12th day of hunger strike after her physical condition deteriorated. Her condition had worsened since a few days ago but prison officials refused to treat her to put increasing pressure on her. She is suffering from very low blood pressure, excessive weakness, and severe headaches and can barely walk or move.
She has also been separated from other political prisoners and is kept with ordinary and dangerous criminals.
Zia went on a hunger strike protesting the fact that an intelligence agent interrogator named Yaseri refuses to release her despite a bail which was paid for her release on March 17.
Maryam Zia, 40, is married with two children and is a children's rights activist. She was arrested on December 31, 2009 after intelligence agents raided her home and was transferred to section 209 in Evin Prison and was then transferred to the women's section after two months


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