Last night at 21;30, Shahrak Gharb:
People chanted Allah O Akbar, and Down with dictator and Down with Velayat Faghih, to announce their embarking on the Sizdabedar Festivities.

Protests in Melat Park
In Northern eastern section of Melat Park, near Jam Jam,People who have gathered to celebrate Sizdahbedar, have turned the festivities into a protest. They have begun chanting anti-government slogans asking for change in Iran. They chant "Down with Khamenei..Khamenei is a murderer ..his Monarchy is doomed "...

At 13h30, people have gathered in front of Kosar Hotel in Kourosh Park, and take the chance they have had to celebrate Sizdahbedar and chant anti -government slogans.
Background to Sizdah bedar :
Persian Sizdahbedar , lit. "getting rid of thirteen","going out on 13th day of Nowruz") is the Iranian Festival of "Joy and Solidarity" celebrated on the 13th day of the new year and the month of Farvardin (corresponding to April 1 or 2, depending on leap or non-leap year), the last day of the Nowruz (Iranian New Year) period. This is the last phase of the New Year's celebrations which begins with the fire festival of Chaharshanbe Suri of the Persian New Year. The custom is to spend the day outdoors e.g., in the parks or the countryside. It is believed that "Joy" and "Laughter" clean the mind from all evil thoughts, and the picnic is usually a festive or happy event. In 2008, Sizdah-bedar coincided with April 1[1].
In modern times people go to parks, have a picnic and throw their sabzeh – the sprouts they grow near the beginning of Nowruz - into a river, symbolizing the cycle of life. Some girls also tie the sprouts of sabzeh on this day, symbolizing their wish for good fortune in life and love. Some people also pull practical jokes and tell white lies on this day, calling it the thirteenth lie (this is very similar to April Fools). People will also release goldfish into a pond or river.


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