Sizdah Bedar : Protests and clashes in Orumieh and Esfahan

( It is Strange that other sources that have so far been protective on news on Iran have not been so active.. ! )
A large crowd of protesters gathered on a bridge over the Orumieh Lake on Friday, on Sizdah bedar , chanting anti-regime slogans. The suppressive forces fired teargas to break up the crowd and made several arrests. Demonstrators protested against reactionary policies of the regime and drying up of the well-known Orumieh Lake.

In Esfahan, anti-regime protests spread to various parts of the city. Protesters chanted “Down with dictator” in Moshtaq Park. The plainclothes agents who had infiltrated the crowd made several arrests in conjunction with the State Security Forces. Protesters also chanted “Down with Khamenei” and “Khamenei is a murderer, his rule is illegitimate” in Aineh and Kourosh Parks. There were also clashes between protesters and the suppressive agents.
On the eve of Sizdah bedar last night, residents of Esfahan, especially in Abshar and Bozorgmehr streets, went on their rooftops and shouted Allahu Akbar.


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