Sizdah bedar: Clashes till late in Tehran


Park e Shahr:
Near Hoayoun door, the people who had come out for Sizdahe bedar , started a protest with anti government slogans "Down with Khamenei … Khamenei is a murderer, his monarchy is not legitimate".. and started clashing with security forces that swarmed the place.

Azadi Square:
20 security elements on motorbikes were equipped to harass people and stop any formation fo groups or crowds in the Square. According to eye witness reports, at least 5 people were arrested in Azadi and 2 people were inured by metal rings used by plain cloth thugs and were taken to hospital.

Shaghayegh park :
Protests of people in the park lead to streets adjacent to the park and 8 people have been reported to have been arrested and 2 were injured, because they were attacked by poisonous sprays.


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