Jailed innocent Afghans get heavy sentences for watching Tehran demos

More than 12 Afghan immigrants who were arrested by security forces in Iran during post-election events are still jailed. Most of these people were watching the peaceful post-election demos on the streets and did not carry out any other activities in the protests.
In the past 10 months, these Afghan nationals who worked in construction sites in Tehran have suffered tremendously and they have been abandoned (by the media etc.)
They have been charged with acting against Iran's national security and a number of them have received heavy charges in Revolutionary Courts. Most of them are illiterate but were forced to state in numerous interrogations by intelligence agents the name of the presidential candidate who paid them to participate in events after the elections.
These immigrants were arrested in the protests but have stated many times in their interrogations that they are only paying for being curious and for watching the protests on the streets. They only wanted to know what was going on in Tehran streets and what all the noise was about but they have been jailed for close to 10 months for their curiosity.


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