Pressure on Monireh Rabiei and family increased

According to reports, the pressure and abuse against political prisoner Monireh Rabiei and her family have increased.

This political prisoner has been under psychological pressure and has been subjected to insults by prison guards. She has also been banned from receiving visits from her family for weeks in the past. She would be offensively body searched and would then be summoned by the assistant head of prison and pressurized after every visit.

On the other hand, her family is insulted and threatened by female prison guards when coming to the visiting hall. One of the female guards body searches them in an insulting manner and uses offensive language when talking to them trying to provoke them into a reaction to ban them from future visits. She also treated Monireh Rabiei's niece/nephew abusively because he/she had some raisins in his/her pocket and the child started crying from terror. When she was met with protests from the family, she started insulting them and threatened to cut off their visits again.

Some time ago, her family was informed via Ms. Rabiei's lawyer that she can be released on bail. This family spent a large amount and money and time and pledged their home ownership document in the Registration Department for this issue. But when they went to court, they were told that the letter for the home ownership pledge was missing.

This is while they had confirmed that they had received the letter and this issue was even documented in the court secretariat office.
Monireh Rabiei's case is followed by Pir Abassi, the head of the 26th branch of the Revolutionary Court. This person treats her family inhumanely and is the main person who prevents her release.

Political prisoner Monireh Rabiei, 32, was sentenced to 5 years of prison to be served in exile in Berazjan Prison by the 26th branch of the Revolutionary Court. The exile sentence was only recently announced to her family.

Rabiei and her lawyer protested this heavy and inhumane sentence and her case has been currently referred to the 36th branch of the Revolutionary Court.

On October 7, 2009, this chemical engineer was summoned to the 3rd branch of the Revolutionary Court to answer questions by the head this court branch. She was arrested because she answered a phone call from her uncle who is in Camp Ashraf in Iraq.

She was detained in solitary in section 209 in Evin Prison for close to 20 days while being interrogated and physically and psychologically tortured and insulted by an intelligence agency interrogator, nicknamed Alavi.

She was then transferred to section 350 in the women's section of this prison.
Rabiei has denied all the charges against her and has announced that (the call with her uncle) was a family call saying that it is a shameful that her family calls are tapped and used against her. Ms. Rabiei and her lawyer believe that her trial was a show trial and her sentence was pre-determined.


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