Iran hangs woman and three men in Khorasan


A woman was hanged in Northern Khorasan while three men were hanged in Southern Khorasan in the month of Shahrivar (August 23 to September 22) and the month of Mehr (September 23 – October 23) without official notifications in internal media.
According to the local Shahre Shirvan website, a woman was executed in the end of last week in this town on charges of providing and dealing narcotics. According to other reports, three men were executed in the month of Ramadan without having the opportunity to defend themselves against the charge of rape. They were executed in prison upon the personal orders of the head of Iran’s Judiciary, Larijani. Executions are usually not carried out in the month of Ramadan.
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اعدام يک زن و سه مرد در خراسان
يک زن در خراسان شمالي و سه مرد در خراسان جنوبي بدون اعلام رسمي در مطبوعات و رسانههاي داخلي در طي شهريور و مهر ماه اعدام شدند.
به گزارش سايت محلي شهر شيروان يک زن در آخر هفته گذشته در اين شهر به اتهام تهيه و توزيع مواد مخدر اعدام شد. بنابه گزارشهاي ديگر سه نفر در ماه رمضان در خراسان جنوبي بدون فرصت جهت دفاع از خود به اتهام تجاوز به عنف و با دستور شخص لاريجاني و در ماه رمضان که اعدام زندانيان معمولاً متوقف ميشود اعدام شدند. (سايت هرانا - 13/7/89)