Temporary marriage legal in Iran

Mehr state-run News Agency :
A member of the Legal and Judicial Commission in the Majlis said that article 23 of the Family Support Bill regarding remarriage was removed by this commission…
“With the removal of this article, the Family Support Bill will soon be put in the Majlis’s schedule but article 22 regarding temporary marriage is still included in the bill”, Nayereh Akhavan said.
[The temporary marriage law is a clear violation of women’s rights in Iran]

ازدواج موقت كماكان در قانون جمهوري اسلامي باقي مانده است


يک عضو کميسيون حقوقي و قضايي مجلس از حذف ماده 23 لايحه حمايت خانواده در مورد ازدواج مجدد در اين کميسيون خبر داد...

نيره اخوان بيطرف گفت: با حذف اين ماده به زودي لايحه حمايت خانواده در دستور کار مجلس قرار مي گيرد ولي ماده 22 ازدواج موقت نيز به قوت خود باقي است. (مهر – 5/5/90)


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