Cleric strikes out against Cooperation Front

Asre Iran state-run website :
Shajouni, a member of the Central Council of the Struggling Clerics Society said that according to the law, the Cooperation Party has been disbanded and stressed, “The members of this disbanded party have not right to state their opinion and cannot speak”.
“They have betrayed the path of the Imam [Khomeini]. Of course this question comes to mind as to why these people are still free even though they have to be trialed”, he added..
Regarding the actions of the Cooperation Front during the events after the elections he said, “Their actions after the 2009 seditions were very hideous… and they can no longer play a part in Iran’s political environment”…
The head of the Tehran Preachers Association said that the supporters of the heads of the seditions have proudly stretched out their arms to anti-revolutionary forces.
“If I were prosecutor, I would deal with these organizations and seditionists but sadly I am not in that position”, he added.

شجوني: اگر دادستان بودم به حساب اينها مي‌رسيدم

شجوني عضو شوراي مركزي جامعه روحانيت مبارز با بيان اينكه براساس قانون، حزب مشاركت منحل شده است تصريح كرد: اعضاي اين حزب منحله، حق اظهار نظر ندارند و نمي توانند حرف بزنند ضمن آنكه به خط امام(ره)خيانت كردند، البته اين سوال مطرح مي شود كه چرا اين افراد هنوز آزادهستند در صورتي كه بايد محاكمه شوند...

شجوني در خصوص عملكرد جبهه مشاركت در حوادث پس از انتخابات افزود: عملكرد آنها در فتنه 88 به قدري وقيح بود... و ديگر نمي توانند در فضاي سياسي ايران ايفاي نقش كنند....

دبير كل جامعه وعاظ تهران در ادامه با بيان اينكه حاميان سران فتنه با افتخار دست دوستي به نيروهاي ضد انقلاب دراز كرده‌اند خاطرنشان كرد: بنده اگر دادستان بودم به حساب اين تشكل ها و نيروهاي فتنه گر مي رسيدم اما حيف كه در اين جايگاه قرار ندارم. (عصر ايران – 12/5/90)


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