Prison Officials Ignore Deteriorating Conditions in Women’s Ward

In a phone call to her family, imprisoned [activist] Mahdieh Golroo reported an infestation of bugs in the women’s ward [of Evin prison]. In one case, she stated that the bugs ate the flesh of a woman.
Since March 21, 2010, the prisoners in the [women's] ward have had no access to hot water, even for bathing. As a result, [some] prisoners including Mahdieh Golroo have caught colds.
According to RAHANA, student activist Mahdieh Golroo (who currently has a hoarse voice as a result of the cold) previously contracted a lung infection in detention.
Lack of attention by officials to the hygiene and health of prisoners and restrictions enforced on using the prison’s clinic have created a difficult situation for prisoners.
Translation by: Siavosh J.


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