Tehran -16h00

Daneshjoo Park : People and youth who had gathered for Sizadah bedar, have started anti-government slogans. Clashes have been reported between crowd and suppressive elements that were stationed in the park and the area top prevent any protests.

It is reported by eyewitnesses and Daliran bibak that 10 to 15 people have been arrested in the park so far.
The arrested people are transferred to already stationed busses brought to the place for this purpose

This is whilst, prior to the day, there had been enormous State sponsored propaganda against any gathering, as well as organized control of public places. The suppressive elements involved in the curbing of any protests in Tehran have been the Ansar Allah garrison, and also the centralized Intelligence of the RGC.
They have organized their members and families of their members to be present in parks and public places as to prevent any formation of gatherings, under plain clothed agents, so as to prevent any news coverage of the suppression


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