Human Rights Activists in Iran

Photo from HRA:Kamal Na’ami with injured back as result of hot lead poured on his body in factory accident

Workers of the Ahwaz Pipe Factory have held protests several times in the past years to the point that not holding protest gatherings has turned into an unusual issue for these workers.
Not receiving their wages and being injured with hot lead poured on their bodies in accidents has also turned into a regular phenomenon for them. Kamal Na’ami is one of the workers in this factory. His friends pull up his shirt to show how the hot lead burned his body.
He has large blisters all over his back, hands, stomach and feet but what you do not see in the picture is the fact that not only has he not received his wages for seven months, they have also not paid for his medical expenses and his birth certificate has been confiscated by the hospital he was treated in because he is not able to pay his 400,000 toman (about 400 dollars) hospital bill. He is the father of six children and has very hard financial conditions.

سرب داغ بر بدن کارگران بي حقوق لوله سازي/ همراه با عکس
کارگران لوله سازي اهواز در طي سالهاي اخير بارها دست به تجمعات اعتراضي زده اند بطوري که عدم تجمع اين کارگران يک امر غير عادي است و مردم اهواز همواره شاهد تجمعات مختلف کارگران اين کارخانه بوده اند. اما در اين بين براي کارگران بي حقوقي و ريختن سرب داغ بر بدن همکارانشان نيز يک موضوع عادي است، کمال نعامي از کارگران اين کارخانه است که دوستانش پيراهن او را بالا زده بودند و نشان مي دادند که چگونه سرب داغ تنش را سوزانده است.
سرتاسر کمر ، دست ، شکم و پاهايش تاول هاي بزرگ و زخم هاي عفوني گرفته اند و نکته پنهان در اين تصوير اين است که نه تنها 7 ماه حقوقش را ندادند بلکه هزينه درمانش را نيز نمي دهند و شناسنامه اش در بيمارستان تهران بدليل عدم پرداخت 400 هزار تومان گرو مانده است. او شش فرزند دارد و شرايط سختي را مي گذراند. (هرانا – 2/9/89)


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