Monthly Human Rights Report on IRAN– October 2010

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Iran Oct Hr Report 2010 Ncri

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NCRI s Monthly Human Rights Report on IRAN– October 2010

The present report aims to show a picture – although inadequate -- of the pervasive crimes committed against the oppressed people of Iran in the month of October and seek help to restitute their trampled rights.

According to public reports, the Iranian regime executed 39 people in the month of October including two political prisoners. Most of these executions were announced through state run media without names. In the ongoing secret executions in Vakil Abad Prison in Mashhad, 23 prisoners were hanged in this prison in two separate days and like in prior hangings in this prison, they were only informed of their dire fate hours before their execution. Their lawyers and families were only informed of their execution after they were hanged and were forced by the Iranian regime to pay a fee for the noose that choked their loved ones to death.

Ten people were arbitrarily killed by the Iranian regime this month. Of course this figure was compiled only from reports that were made public and the real figures are much higher. One of those arbitrarily killed by regime forces was Gholam-Hossein Naseri who was tortured to death in prison for following up his brother’s case who was arrested before him. According to the forensics doctor, Gholam-Hossein died because of torture and electric shocks in the Intelligence Agency Detention Center.
A 26 year old man identified as Abdolrahim Kanbarzehi (Qanbarzehi) was killed in the Gharib Abad region in Iranshahr by the State Security Forces ‘Relief Unit’. After being shot in the back by security forces, he was left bleeding for 6 hours and died on the ground where he was shot. Security forces refused to take him to the hospital and banned eyewitnesses from giving him medical aid.

The Iranian regime has stepped up its use of inhumane punishment in an unprecedented manner. In the month of October, two prisoners were flogged in public and four other prisoners were each whipped 74 times in public in Gonbad Kavous.
The numbers of hand amputations in this month were also significantly high and the hands of three people in the cities of Qazvin, Mashhad and Yazd were chopped off while the amputation sentences for a 21 year old man was issued in Tehran for stealing sweets and chocolate and a 60 year old prisoner was sentenced to have his hand chopped off in Orumieh. Of course these are only instances that are made public by the Iranian regime and there are numerous reports of hand amputations being carried out in prisons and police stations all over Iran. Because of the horrible economical state in Iran, the majority of the Iranian population lives under the poverty line and has to cope with hunger, unemployment and other problems. The Iranian regime steals the wealth of the Iranian people and as political prisoner Behrouz Javid Tehrani put it in a statement from Gohardasht Prison in Karaj regarding the implementation of hand amputation sentences, ‘eradicates the poor instead of poverty’.

Like every month in Iran, there have been numerous reports of torture and mistreatment in prisons all over the country. This is while the Manager of Tehran Prisons said in a press conference this month that ‘Iranian prisons are hotels and the treatment of prisoners by prison guards is the best in the world’! This ridiculous claim is made while political prisoners in Evin Prison are under pressure and torture to deny political statements they have issued from prison. Also this month, the son of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a mother of two who has been sentenced to death by stoning on adultery charges was arrested for disclosing his mother’s case to the international community and was violently beaten by his interrogators to retract his prior remarks and ‘confess’. This is while this prison manager claimed that ‘the issue of violence and cruelty towards prisoners has been eliminated in prisons in the country and physically harming and putting pressure on prisoners is a red line in the current Prison Organization’.

The facts above were some of the instances of human rights violations in the month of October. Of course only a small percent of the thousands of human rights violations going on every day in Iran were mentioned in this report

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