Arrested students transferred to EVIN prison!!

Daneshjoo news

15 Amir Kabir students arrests on the 16 AZAR protests have been transferred to notorious Evin prison.
10 students have been released after interrogation in by the Intelligence Ministry unit , but the rest have been transferred to EVIN prison. The students have been severely beaten during and after arrest.
Among those arrested are: Hadi Shakeri and Mohsen Mahboobian.
It is important to know that the students had managed to gather in the University to commemorate the occasion despite threats and 1000 gathered crowed had managed to chant "Down with Dictator" under heavy surveillance and physical threat posed by Bassidj and plain cloth units in the compounds.
Eyewitnesses say that the so called government forces had been implanted in the university compounds from several days before the occasion. They had also interfered during the gathering to arrest and kidnap students but were prevented by class mates who arrived at the scenes.
"Generally speaking they (government forces) were very nervous and agitated , as though waiting for a sweep and slash back and they just caught whoever was passing by outside of the campus, and may arrested had nothing to do with the gathering " says one eyewitness who has sent us a rough account of the day that had passed in AmirKabir university.


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