IRAN Monthly Human Rights Report – November 2010

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English Monthly - Nov. 2010

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According to public reports, the Iranian regime executed 8 people in the month of November. In the ongoing secret executions in Vakil Abad Prison in Mashhad, 10 prisoners were hanged and like prior hangings in this prison, they were only informed of their dire fate hours before their execution. Their lawyers and families were only informed of their execution after they were hanged. Two African nationals were also among those secretly executed in this prison without the knowledge of their families.

Ten people were arbitrarily killed by the Iranian regime this month. Of course this figure was compiled only from reports that were made public and the real figures are much higher. Thirty year old Hamid Madmali was one of those killed this month. He was arrested by the Intelligence Unit of the Revolutionary Guards Corps and suspiciously passed away in an unknown detention center. He was arrested on charges of insulting the leader in his remarks to a satellite Persian network. After constant pursuits, intelligence agents buried his body in his birth place, Masjed Soleiman, under severe security measures and his brother was also threatened for filing a complaint against the relevant institution.

The Iranian regime has stepped up its use of inhumane punishment in an unprecedented manner. In the month of November, four prisoners were flogged in public in Yazd.
The numbers of hand amputations in this month were also significantly high and the hands of three people in the cities of Mashhad and Kermanshah were chopped off. Of course these are only instances that are made public by the Iranian regime and there are numerous reports of hand amputations being carried out in prisons and police stations all over Iran. Because of the horrible economical state in Iran, the majority of the Iranian population lives under the poverty line and has to cope with hunger, unemployment and other problems. The Iranian regime steals the wealth of the Iranian people and as political prisoner Behrouz Javid Tehrani put it in a statement from Gohardasht Prison in Karaj regarding the implementation of hand amputation sentences, ‘eradicates the poor instead of poverty’.
To make these atrocities seem legitimate, the head of Friday Prayers in Tehran cited the use of hand amputations as a form of punishment and said, “These (sentences) are considered violent by those who do not know about the depth of these customs, while it is the greatest mercy”. This remark by a top cleric in the Iranian regime shows the depth of the violence embedded in the thoughts and minds of Iran’s medieval rulers.

The facts above were some of the instances of human rights violations in the month of November. Of course only a small percent of the thousands of human rights violations going on every day in Iran were mentioned in this report.


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