Iran arrests state-run daily reporters-Ahmad Gholami

Saham News Website

Ahmad Gholami, editor in chief of the Sharq Daily, Keivan Mehregan, the head of political news, and Farzaneh Rostayi, head of the international news in this daily were arrested hours ago by security forces who came to the offices of this daily. These people were arrested amidst protests from other reporters and were transferred to an unknown location.

بازداشت اعضاي تحريريه روزنامه شرق
احمد غلامي دبيرتحريريه و کيوان مهرگان دبير سرويس سياسي و فرزانه روستاي دبير سرويس بين‌الملل روزنامه شرق ساعتهايي پيش توسط نيروهاي امنيتي با مراجعه به روزنامه شرق و در برابر اعتراض ساير خبرنگاران اين سه نفر را دستگير و به مکان نامعلومي منتقل نمودند. (سايت سحام نيوز- 16/9/89)


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