Updates from sources in Iran - 25 Bahman Protests 4pm today

Vali Asr: Sever clashes between Special forces and people in place. Forces beat people but , get reaction back as people fight with wood and stone. Chants of Down with Khamenei is heard from a distant.

Sadeghieh: people are chanting Down with dictator

Nabsh Fatemi, Jamalzade, in front of Ministry of Labour; there are clashes between protesters and so called security forces.

Aboo Reyhan Birooni junction to Enghelab: Potesters chant "Sec forces support support" (NIROOYE ENTEZAMI HEMAYAT HEMAYAT) , and offer flowers . One of the security forces reaced and shook his hand and sided to let the crowd pass.

Up till now, around 50 people have gahtered in the centre . No chanting yet

people have gathered in charbagh.


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