Activites leading to Oncoming JUNE PROTESTS

Flyers have been distributed in various Cities rallying for the upcoming protests in Iran for June 2010

In this relation we have received news of "Youth cells" operating in teams and distributing flyers daily and writing graffiti nightly.
Change of tactics in resistance has been noticed since the beginning of the hangings in Iran, a natural outcome of the heightening suppression.

News :
-22 May; People and youth in Salsebil and khosh have been announcing their support for the upcoming June protests in Tehran .
On Friday, hundreds of flyers were distributed in streets leading to Selsibil and Khosh. The flyers read: "June is month of combat, Khamenei is unstable, 20 to 30 June forget me not"
On the walls Graffiti read " June has come, Regimes life has overcome"

21 May ; Sikmiar frlyers havebeen distirbuted in Behjat Abad, southern section of Takhte Tawoos, Satar khan, Shariati shahrak Ghale morghi district and the poorer sections of the Capital "khani Abad ", rallying the people for June . Some flyers read " Support our enchained prisoners , be on the streets and suport poltical prisones " ..

درسلسبيل مردم شاهد پخش و توذيع گسترده تراكت براي دعوت به شركت در تظاهرات هاي 20 تا 30 خرداد امسا ل بودند.
روز جمعه ، صدها تراكت حاوي شعارهاي « خرداد ماه رزمه خامنه اي ميلرزه – 20 تا 30 خرداد يادت نره » در غرب نواب در خيابانهاي منتهي به خوش و سلسبيل توزيع شد و مورد توجه قرار گرفت .
همچنين ديوارهاي سه راه سلسبيل با شعار « خرداد دوباره اومد عمر رژيم سر اومد – 20 تا 30 خرداد يادت نره » شعارنويسي شده بود كه همه عابران را به قيام خرداد فراميخواند .


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