Iranian regime shoots and kills Kurd citizen in Baneh

Mukarian News Agency

A Kurd man from Baneh identified as Khadar Abdollahi was shot and killed by a security agent.
Abdollahi was married and had several children. He was suspected of carrying smuggled goods and was shot in the Baneh border region. He died after being taken to the hospital.

قتل يک شهروند کرد بر اثر تيراندازي مأمور نيروي انتظامي
يک شهروند کرد اهل روستاي برده رش از توابع شهر بانه به نام خدر عبدالهي بر اثر تيراندازي يکي از مأمورين نيروي انتظامي کشته شد.
اين شهروند که متأهل و داراي چند فرزند مي باشد به ظنّ حمل کالاي قاچاق در منطقه مرزي بانه هدف تيراندازي قرار گرفت و پس از انتقال به بيمارستان جان سپرد. (آژانس خبري موکريان – 3/3/89)


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