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Human rights group Amnesty International released its 2010 annual report on 'The State of the World's Human Rights' on Thursday.
Following are excerpts from the report on selected countries.

Iran: The government continued to clamp down on all forms of dissent in the wake of the mass demonstrations following the disputed June 2009 presidential elections. The authorities deployed the paramilitary Basij and other security forces to prevent protestors gathering, arrested hundreds more political activists, journalists, students and women’s and human rights defenders, and continued to mount grossly unfair “show trials” resulting in long prison terms and, in a few cases, death sentences. Two men were executed in January in connection with the protests. The authorities also took severe measures against ethnic minority activists, such as members of the Kurdish minority, whom they often accused of engaging in armed opposition to the state – in several cases, such accused were executed after grossly unfair trials, as the Iranian authorities maintained their record of being one of the top executors in the world, and of executing juvenile offenders.

Iran: the Iranian authorities rejected out of hand many key recommendations made by other states to improve respect for human rights in the country, as part of the Universal Periodic Review of Iran by the UN Human Rights Council in February.

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براي خواندن گزارش كليك كنيد

گزارش 2009 عفو بين الملل در مورد ايران
ايران - ” در يك سركوبي فشرده اعتراض سياسي قبل و بخصوص بعد از انتخابات رياست جمهور در ماه ژوئن … نيروهاي امنيتي, مشخصا شبه نظاميان بسيج, از نيروي قهر بيش از حد عليه تظاهركنندگان استفاده كردند, دهها نفر كشته شدند … مقامات آزادي بيان را تا سطح بيسابقهيي سركوب كردند, شبكه هاي تلفن موبايل و تلفن زميني و ارتباطات اينترنت را قطع كردند. بيش از 5000 نفر تا آخر سال دستگير شدند. خيلي ها شكنجه شدند, منجمله بعضي ها كه گفته ميشود در زندان مورد تجاوز قرار گرفته اند, يا به ترتيبي مورد بدرفتاري قرار گرفتند. تعدادي براثر جراحاتشان درگذشتند.” (خبرگزاري رويتر - 6/3/89)


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