Opposition steps up calls for protest in Iran capital


Tehran, May 30 – For the third week running, activists in south Tehran wrote political graffiti on walls and distributed leaflets in different districts in the capital ahead of the planned anti-government protests in June which the opposition has called for.

Their activities have prompted authorities to finally acknowledge the campaign. The state-run Javan Online, affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), wrote: "In the past few days, supporters of the leaders of the opposition distributed leaflets, inciting chaos and anarchy on 12 June".

Javan added: "In the past few days, leaflets and statements have been distributed in the suburbs of the capital, including Pardis township, urging the public to join the 12 June anti-government protests, wreak havoc and destroy public property."

On Saturday, activities wrote graffiti on the gates of Razi Park in Shoush Street. One of the slogans read: "June is the month of fighting, (Supreme Leader Ali) Khamenei is shivering."

They also distributed anti-government leaflets on the northern edge of Shoush Street in Khani-Abad district. One of the leaflets said, "Mothers, fathers, young men and women, come to the streets of Tehran on 10-20 June to free Iran. We can and we must topple this regime"

Large numbers of residents chanted "Death to Khamenei" and "Allah-o Akbar" (God is great) from rooftops Thursday night in Navvab, Tehran-no, Shahbaz, and Imam Hossein districts.

On Friday, activists distributed hundreds of anti-government leaflets in Doroudian, Hamedani, Arbabi, Ashtiani, Asgari, and Razi streets in south Tehran's Chaharsad Dastgah and west Tehran's Shahran districts. The leaflets read: "Khamenei will be toppled in June. We invite you to come out onto the streets from 10-20 June".


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