Women prisoners under more pressure in Evin

According to sources Evin prison Officials have begun to increase hours of interrogations by interrogating the prison inmates after 1 am each day, disallowing any sleep.
Sudden change of methods and similarity of the patterns to Shirin Alam A Hooli's interrogations have brought concerns amongst relatives of prisoners involved.
So far Ozra al Sadate Ghazi-Mirsaidi,Atefeh Nabavi, Fatemh Rahnama,Hengameh Shahidi, Reyhane Haj Ebrahim Dabagh and Motahare Bahrami, have been the last inmates taken away at 1 am, on 24 May for similar interrogations.
Shirin Alam ALhooli had experinced the same pattern of treatment before being hanged. Some of the aforementioned female prisoners had already been verbally charged with MOHAREB


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