Student activist -Sina Golchin-sentenced to 4 years of prison

Daneshju News Website
24 may

Sina Golchin, a constructional engineer student at the Free Central Tehran University who was arrested by security forces on January 7 in his home on charges of participating in demonstrations on Ashura (December 27, 2009) was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months of prison by a court of review.
This 20 year old student who was not involved in any political activities before this was forced to participate in a show televised trial after being subjected to severe physical and mental pressure.
He was deprived of a lawyer in trial and his family was able to get him a lawyer and file for an appeal only after his sentence was issued.
Despite his family’s constant requests for him to be granted a leave, he only once received a 10 day leave. During his leave, interrogators constantly called him and his family threatening and harassing him to give more interviews. At one point, interrogators stormed his home and threatened him. His refusal to give in to their demands finally led to his arrest after 10 days and he was sent back to prison. He is currently in cellblock 350 in Evin Prison

Photo sent by independant source and is not from student website

محکوميت سينا گلچين به ۴ سال و نيم حبس قطعي در دادگاه تجديد نظر
سينا گلچين دانشجوي رشته عمران دانشگاه آزاد تهران مرکز که ۱۷ دي ماه سال گذشته به اتهام شرکت در راهپيمايي روز عاشورا توسط نيروهاي امنيتي در منزلش بازداشت شد، در دادگاه تجديد نظر به ۴ سال و ۶ ماه حبس محکوم شد.
اين دانشجوي ۲۰ ساله که پيش از بازداشت فعاليت سياسي نداشته است پس از تحمل آزارهاي فراوان جسمي و روحي از سوي بازجويان مجبور به حضور در دادگاه هاي نمايشي تلويزيوني شد.
سينا گلچين در هنگام محاکمه فاقد وکيل مدافع بوده، و تنها پس از صدور حکم زندان، خانواده وي موفق به اخذ وکيل و پيگيري درخواست تجديد نظر اين زنداني شده اند.
علي رغم درخواست هاي مکرر خانواده وي براي اخذ مرخصي اين دانشجوي زنداني تنها يک بار به مدت ۱۰ روز به مرخصي آمد. در مدت مرخصي بازجويان وي با تماس هاي مکرر و ايجاد مزاحمت براي وي و خانواده اش از او مي خواستند به مصاحبه هاي اجباري ديگري تن دهد تا آنجا که يک بار بازجويان با هجوم و ورود به منزل شخصي اين دانشجو به تهديد حضوري وي پرداختند. خودداري سينا گلچين از مصاحبه اجباري در نهايت موجب شد که پس از ۱۰ روز وي را به زندان باز گردانند.
وي هم اکنون دربند ۳۵۰ زندان اوين در حبس است. (دانشجو نيوز – 3/3/89)


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