Alireaza Davoodi, Esfahan University student Martyred in 2007

Akireza an accountant student of Esfahan University, was arrested in winter of 2007 in Shahin Shahr -Esfahan.
On February 12, 2009, Mr. Davoudi was detained by Intelligence agents in his residence in the city of Shahin Shahr in Esfahan, and he was released on a 100,000 USD bail bond on April 26. During Mr. Davoudi’s incarceration, he was subjected to psychological pressures by Intelligence investigators mainly hung upside daoen for long persiods of time. After his bail, Mr. Davoudi was hospitalized with severe conditions, and he died on Monday, July 27.
He was one of the active students who went on hunger strike in 2006, DEMANDING BASIC RIGHTS: such as freedom of thoughts , freedom of government staged institutions in the Univerisity which are to suppress any dissident voice, freedom of some of the students from prison.