Regime shoots activist for writing on walls


According to reports, at about 1:45am on June 13 in Malayer, two young people who were busy putting up (political) announcements and writing on walls were met with a hysterical reaction from security forces and were shot at. Fortunately they were able to quickly leave the scene.

شليك نيروي انتظامي به سمت جوانان شعار نويس
به گزارش خبرنگار آژانس ا يران خبـــــــر شنبه شب 22 خرداد حوالي ساعت 1.45 درملاير دو نفر از جوانان كه مشغول چسباندن اعلاميه و نوشتن شعار روي ديوارها بودند با واكنش هيستريك نيروي انتظامي مواجه شدند كه به سمت آنها شليك مي كرد, خوشبختانه اين دو جوان توانستند با سرعت از صحنه خارج شوند. (آژانس ايران خبر - 24/3/89)


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