NOTE: Increasing solar activity could wreak havoc

The sun waking from a deep sleep may not sound like such a bad thing and years ago it might not have been

However in today's world reliant on technology for the basics of everyday life, increasing levels of solar activity and the flares from the consequent 'space storm' could wreak complete havoc.

Nasa is telling us to prepare for a once in a generation storm which could result in widespread blackouts and leave us without critical communication signals for considerable periods of time.

The overheating of national power grids, mass disruption of air travel and the complete shut down of electronic items, navigation devices and major satellites are just some of the consequences of the sun reaching its maximum power in only a few years time.

As well as this, the bolt of lightning caused by the super storm could bring disastrous consequences for the world emergency service systems, hospital equipment and of course would leave us without our computers, sat navs and ipods.

The worst case scenario would see large parts of the world plunged into darkness for months

Most likely say senior scientists it will last hours and maybe days but this in a world reliant on high tech systems for almost everything we do is likely to have a drastic impact.


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