Student Activist -Naeem Ahmadi Khiavee,-from Azerbaijan Arrested

Naeem Ahmadi Khiavee, a student activist from Azerbaijan province in Northwest of Iran, was arrested by Intelligence Agents of Tabriz in Shahnaz Districs on June 13, 2010.
According to Savalan Sesi website, Ahmadi was arrested during a visit to his friend’s residence. He was reportedly beaten by the Intelligence Agents along with a number of other students who were present at the location.
The Judiciary and Intelligence authorities of Tabris have denied their involvement in Ahmadi’s arrest. So far no information has been provided to his family about his status and whereabouts.
Ahmadi, a student of Geology in Tabriz University, is also a member of the Central Council of Literary Association of Sahand and the Director of the Islamic Association in the Faculty of Natural Sciences. He was previously summoned by the Disciplinary Committee of Tabriz University.
Translation by: Siavash S.

بازداشت نعيم احمدي فعال دانشجويي آذربايجاني در تبريز
نعيم احمدي خياوي فعال دانشجويي آذربايجاني و دانشجوي زمين شناسي دانشگاه تبريز ۲٣ خرداد ٨۹ در منزل دانشجويي در منطقه شهناز تبريز توسط ماموران امنيتي بازداشت و به مکان نامعلومي منتقل شد.
به گزارش ساوالان سسي ماموران اداره اطلاعات تبريز ظهر روز يکشنبه ۲٣ خرداد ٨۹ اين فعال دانشجويي آذربايجاني را در منزل دانشجويي يکي از دوستانش در منطقه شهنار تبريز بازداشت و اقدام به ضرب و شتم دوستان وي نمودند.
مسئولين قضايي و امنيتي از پذيرفتن مسئوليت بازداشت احمدي سرباز مي زنند و از دادن پاسخ به سوالات خانواده مبني بر محل نگهداري و اتهام اين فعال دانشجويي امتناع مي کنند.
احمدي فعال دانشجويي آذربايجاني عضو شوراي مرکزي انجمن ادبي سهند و دبير انجمن اسلامي دانشکده علوم طبيعي دانشگاه تبريز است که پيش از اين نيز از سوي کميته انضباطي دانشگاه تبريز احضار شده بود.


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