Three members of political prisoner’s family arrested

Advar News
The family members of Kiarash Kamrani who was arrested on December 27, 2009 on Ashura in Tehran were arrested in their weekly visit with him in prison.
The father, sister and brother of this student who was sentenced to six years of prison were arrested in the visiting hall for prisoners in cellblock 350 in Evin Prison and their home was also searched by security forces. The Kamranis were charged with ‘propagating against the government’.
Kamrani’s father and sister were released later on but Mehdi Kamrani, his brother is still detained in cellblock 350

بازداشت سه تن از اعضاي خانواده کيارش کامراني
اعضاي خانواده کيارش کامراني يکي از بازداشت شدگان حوادث 6 دي ماه (عاشورا) در تهران، در جريان ملاقات هفتگي با وي بازداشت شدند.
به گزارش ادوار نيوز، پدر، خواهر و برادر اين دانشجوي زنداني که با توجه به راي دادگاه تجديدنظر به 6 سال حبس محکوم شده است، اواسط هفته به اتهام "تبليغ عليه نظام" در سالن ملاقات با زندانيان بند 350 اوين بازداشت شدند و منزلشان نيز مورد تفتيش قرار گرفت.
پدر و خواهر کيارش کامراني بعدتر آزاد شده اند اما "مهدي کامراني" برادر وي همچنان در بند 350 اوين در بازداشت است. (ادوار نيوز – 20/3/89)


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