Collection of 22 Khordad Clips

22 Khordad in Sharif University: Thugs surround the University door and block it separating the students inside and the crowd who had come to support them. The students chant "Tanks, guns and Bassidj , don’t work any more" .. The crowd shout back . The plain cloth agents take films of students and also crowd and try to dissuade them from staying in front of University doors

22 Khordad, Enghelab : "Down with dictator"
A note by the protester who sent the clip reads;" Streets iff Vaki Asr in wich we run after being attacked by Bassidj elements .."

The clip showing intense security presence, for those who still compare last years marches to this; only highlighting the fact that protests have entered a news phase and will be differently carried out. The bravery displayed by the people o 22 khordad this year if compared to the last would be high in the charts.

Valiant people of Iran took into the streets on June 12, 2010, despite all suppressive measures looking for the slightest opportunity to express their defiance of religious fascism ruling Iran and the principle of Supreme Leadership in cries of 'death to dictator'.
Love and unity in their eyes is what will prevail and will replace clerical dictatorship in Iran


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