IRAN Update on Student protests TODAY: afternoon events

Reports coming from Iran have been picked and translated for our readers to give the right idea of the extend of suppressive mood in the city and the challenge faced by students who still insist on resisting for Freedom
Photo from archive: Saitak

Tehran : Elmo Sanat University

Doors were closed in the morning.
Bassidj and plain cloth forces gathered around the entrance at 11.30 am .
A crowd of nearly 200 forces were preparing banners and slogans to be hung at the entrance and to prevent any movement.
Forces were well equipped with bullet proof vests .

Despite all this before 10 am, there were around 700 students who had gathered and dispersed as the forces arrived.

Tehran University is completely surrounded and under surveillance
A couple of Youth who were just passing in front of the University were arrested and taken away.

The Free University:
A couple of students were diffusing a protest flyer of the banned opposition group : pmoi.
People's presence in the streets around the University was more than the days before , but at the same time , security presence was nearly 4 times higher than before.


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