Human Rights Activists in Iran

Jailed labor activist Reza Shahabi went on a dry hunger strike on Saturday December 4 in protest to his condition and is in critical condition.
This labor activist who is a member of the Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company Union was arrested on June 12, 2010 in his place of work and is suffering from problems and pain in his back and shoulder and from a mouth and tooth infection because of the mental and physical pressure he is subjected to in prison.
The left side of his body has also gone numb because of his hunger strike.
Despite the fact that a letter for his release was issue two months ago, security and judicial forces have said that they have lost his legal files and refuse to answer questions in this regard to put pressure on him and his family. The Revolutionary Court and the second branch of the court in Evin Prison both say that they do not have his legal files.

وضعيت بحراني رضا شهابي در اثر اعتصاب غذاي خشک
رضا شهابي فعال کارگري در بند، از روز شنبه 13 آذر 89 در اعتراض به وضعيت خود دست به اعتصاب غذاي خشک زده و از نظر جسمي در وضعيتي بحراني قرار دارد.
به گزارش کميته هماهنگي، رضا شهابي فعال کارگري و عضو هيات مديره ي سنديکاي کارگران شرکت واحد تهران که در روز 22 خرداد 89 در محل کار خود بازداشت شده بود به دليل فشار جسمي و روحي ازناحيه کمر و کتف دچار نارحتي است و از عفونت دهان و دندان رنج مي برد.
وي از 13 آذر ماه و در اعتراض به وضعيت خود دست به اعتصاب غذاي خشک زده است و در اثر اعتصاب غذا سمت چپ بدنش بي حس شده است.

با وجود اينکه مدت دو ماه از صدور نامه ي آزادي شهابي گذشته مقامات قضايي و امنيتي براي اعمال فشار عليه او وخانواده اش از پاسخ دادن به سرنوشت پرونده ي قضايي اش طفره رفته اند و هر دو منبع قضايي دادگاه انقلاب (واقع در خيابان معلم ) و بازپرسي غير قانوني شعبه دوم مستقر در اوين به طور کلي از در اختيار داشتن پرونده ي وي اعلام بي اطلاعي ميکنند. (هرانا – 15/9/89)


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