Iran hangs five people in Khoram Abad

Asre Iran state-run website

Five drug dealers were hanged in Khoram Abad.
According to the Central News Unit (Iranian state-run TV), the Lorestan Judiciary has announced that these people were sentenced to death by the first branch of the Islamic Revolutionary court in Khoram Abad on charges of providing and distributing narcotics and this sentence was carried out after it was upheld by the Attorney General.

اعدام 5 قاچاقچي مواد مخدر در خرم آباد
5 سوداگر مرگ در خرم‌آباد به‌دار مجازات آويخته شدند.
به گزارش واحد مرکزي خبر، دادگستري لرستان اعلام کرد: اين افراد به جرم تهيه و توزيع مواد مخدر در شعبه اول دادگاه انقلاب اسلامي خرم‌آباد به اعدام محکوم شده بودند و اين حکم به تأييد دادستان کل کشور رسيده بود. (سايت عصر ايران (رژيم)- 23/10/89)


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