WSJ: Protests Build in Tehran .

Wall Street Journal

Thousands of Iranians gathered in several locations across Tehran Monday, heeding calls in recent days by opposition leaders to demonstrate in solidarity with Egyptian and Tunisian protesters, who recently toppled their own regimes.

About 4,000 people had gathered in Azadi Square, in central Tehran, and more were streaming in, with dozens of police on motor bikes circling the square, according to eyewitnesses, opposition websites and Internet posts. Witnesses said a few thousand protesters had also gathered at Imam Hussein square, sitting down on the ground and breaking out in chants when police tried to disperse them.

By mid-afternoon, witnesses said crowds were swelling in central Tehran, with people silently marching in large numbers toward Azadi Square. Shopkeepers and restaurants along the route have been shut down, and security forces surrounded the campus of Tehran University, preventing students from entering.

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