Committee of Human Rights Reporters Statement on Recent Allegations

The civil society’s endurance depends on acceptance and realization of modern norms and principles. When a ruling establishment with an outdated legal system tries to impose itself politically and ideologically on a modern society, the result will be widespread and pervasive protests. Human rights— as listed in [ UN] the Universal Declaration of Human Rights`s charters and other protocols —is one of the most important achievements of modern human history, and it is the most globally accepted legal norm. Iranians are inclined to demand the full implementation of the charter [of Human Rights Declaration] in their society.

In recent years, in order to protect and implement this global document, various grassroots organizations have formed. By promoting human rights, the organizations try to help create an Iran where peace, freedom, equality, and dignity prevail.

The Committee of Human Rights Reporters (CHRR) is one of the organizations that has requested, with an emphasis on belief and commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the implementation of the Declaration in all aspects of the Iranian people’s lives. As it has been repeatedly stressed, the Committee is independent and does not belong to any political party or branch. The Committee has no political mandate. The Committee`s activities, which started in 2005, involve presenting reports and providing information on all the people whose human rights have been infringed or violated. These people involve women, children, prisoners, workers, etc. The Committee has also tired to prevent the systematic and perpetual violation of human rights by spreading public awareness, seeking assistance from domestic and international institutions to draw the government`s attention to the violation of their citizens`basic rights.

It is unfortunate that the ruling establishment that considers itself committed to international conventions such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, has refused to honour many of its commitments. Instead, the ruling establishment has opted for a legal system that is, in many aspects, a clear and direct contrast to human rights ethics. The lack of commitment by the government has resulted in increased pressures and restrictions for human rights activists.
With the influence from other (human rights) institutions, CHRR has adopted a variety of human rights methods. Even though the UN General Assembly resolution of 1998 (Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms) was used by CHRR, especially articles 10,11, and 18 that grant the right to promote human rights, human rights establishments have been deemed propagators against the (Iranian) regime.

Human rights activists in Iran are under pressure and torture in Iranian prisons. The government has begun to irresponsibly label human rights organizations as having connection to political opposition groups. The allegations provide the government with false justifications for the violent crackdowns and executions of people under the pretext that they are Mohareb (enemy of God).

In the particular case of the Committee of Human Rights Reporters, the Ministry of Intelligence, despite full knowledge of the complete independence of CHRR from all political groups, whether domestic or foreign, is trying to falsely link the Committee to political organizations. The claims that the Committee is linked to Mujahedin Khalgh Organization (MKO) is considered nothing but an attempt by Intelligence experts to eliminate a reputable group that has been active in the field of human rights from its conception.

For CHRR and all human rights activists, defending the human rights of every individual, regardless of their political orientation, religion, and ethnic background, is the most important principle. We candidly declare that in addition to the activities in human rights fields including women, children, workers, religious, ethnic, and sexual minorities rights, we will be defending the rights of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscious.

The deplorable claim by the Ministry of Intelligence is a caution to all human rights activists not to easily brush off their pathetic game. The Ministry of Intelligence’s treatment of the Committee of Human Rights Reporters has not been the first of its kind, and it will not be the last. The fallacy of linking independent human rights activities to political organizations, and accusing human rights activists of Moharebeh without any evidence has to end before it progresses any further.

While re-emphasizing our independence, we expect solidarity and protests against such oppressive acts from all national and international human rights organization. We reserve our rights to take our grievances against the Islamic Republic Ministry of Intelligence to international tribunals and organizations.


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