Man executed in secret, wife to be stoned to death

Mohammad Mostafayi, a lawyer, said that his client Rahim Mohammadeif was executed without his knowledge or the knowledge of his family and Kobra Babayi (his wife) will also be stoned to death in the near future.
'This young man and his wife were sentenced to execution and stoning last year in a court in Tabriz with the verdict of the five judges of the second branch of the Court of Review. Their sentences were ready to be carried out after it was confirmed by two judges in the 27th branch of the Supreme Court. This sentence was carried out yesterday in the prison for Rahim, the male offender in the case, and Kobra Babayi is to be stoned to death in the near future in accordance to her sentence', Mostafayi said. (ILNA state-run news agency – Jan. 20, 2010)


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